• Backlogs in GIS and as-built map updates
  • Lack of access to accurate asset location and data in the field
  • Inefficient processes for locating hard to find assets
  • Insufficient asset condition or maintenance record due to lack of asset inventory
  • Regulatory compliance on proper asset documentation

Trimble Unity software subscription offers the Wastewater Mapper app, which leverages Trimble’s high accuracy GNSS receivers and Esri’s mapping technology to provide a robust data collection solution to improve the quality and accuracy of your GIS data. It allows utility operators using Trimble Unity web to plan, manage and dispatch data collection jobs. It also allows field users using Trimble Unity mobile to perform work, gather authoritative asset information, record accurate 3D GPS positions and capture photos.

Standard forms based on the Esri’s Local Government Information Model (LGIM) are pre-configured to collect field data for wastewater assets including manholes, gravity mains, pressurized mains, lift stations, pumps, etc.



Improve As-built mapping workflow and reduce GIS update backlogs

Efficient Data Collection Workflow
Configure intelligent forms that can be tailored to fit any field workflow. The data collection forms support default values, conditional attributes, business rules, barcodes and photos.



Capture Accurate 3D Positions
Capture high accuracy GPS positions in real-time including accurate elevations. Ensure the features you add to your GIS is of the highest quality by storing information about the accuracy and reliability of GPS data

Locate Hard to Find Assets
Use the Locate Tool in several apps to easily navigate to a selected asset. Even buried or obscured objects can be located in just moments.


Keep GIS up-to-date and Accurate
Collect new asset data or update existing data through seamless integration with your GIS. Make sure you have accurate data to support asset analysis, maintenance and planning efforts.



Trimble R1 or R2 GNSS Receivers (Optional)

Trimble Unity
(Cloud and mobile)