• Inefficient paper based asset repair and manual data entry processes
  • Frequent asset failures and service disruption
  • Lack of data to prioritize capital improvement projects
  • Lack of visibility to asset condition and performance

Trimble Unity software subscription offers efficient and configurable GIS-centric asset repair workflows. Allowing utility operators using Trimble Unity web to plan, manage and dispatch asset repair jobs. It also allows field technicians using Trimble Unity mobile app, supported on (iOS, Android and Windows) to spatially locate and repair assets using intelligent forms and workflows, take photos, record material, equipment and labor usage, and capture accurate GPS positions. Network tracing tools are available allowing field technicians to identify and locate system valves that need to be turned off during a planned or unplanned water main repairs. The tool can also report impacted customers and affected hydrants. 

Bundled with the Trimble TDC100 rugged handheld device and Trimble’s high accuracy GNSS receivers, field technicians can quickly locate buried assets, and capture accurate 3D GPS positions to improve the accuracy of the GIS data.



Improve Maintenance and Repair Productivity and
Enhance Asset Performance

Streamline Asset Inspection Operations

Efficiently plan, manage and monitor asset maintenance jobs. Reduce operational costs by streamlining field repair operations, through intelligent GIS-centric workflows that guide repair and maintenance crews through any business process 


Provide Authoritative Data to Support Capital Improvement Planning

Leverage built in asset workflows and tools to plan, dispatch and manage work. Capture authoritative data in the field and transform the data into actionable intelligence to substantiate capital improvement planning

Provide Situational Awareness on Asset Performance

Measure performance and overall condition of your assets through standard  configurable dashboards, reports and analytics

High-Accuracy GPS
Locating and Mapping

Provide the tools that combine GIS and high-accuracy GPS technologies empowering field technicians to locate hard to find assets, especially during emergency response and in tough environments


Trimble Unity
(Cloud and mobile)

Trimble TDC100 Rugged Handheld Device

Trimble R1 or R2 GNSS Receivers (Optional)


Trimble Unity Integration Portal (Optional to support integration with back office enterprise asset management systems)