• Maintaining adequate water supplies during normal and emergency situations

  • Tracking water usage data for planning and operations

  • Environmental water level monitoring and reporting

  • Water system pressure and energy management

  • Dam and reservoir monitoring and reporting


Reservoir and Surface Water Level Monitoring and Management Solution. Trimble Unity software combined with Telog wireless, battery-powered level recording systems provide a GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for monitoring the level of reservoirs or other surface water bodies. Telog level recorders can store data internally for many months, if required, and wirelessly transmit on a defined schedule or in response to alarms, providing a robust field and office reservoir and surface water level monitoring, management and reporting solution.


Versatile instrument and software for water level monitoring and management 

Improve management of water supplies
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Gather data for enhanced water supply planning
Real-time awareness and environmental reporting
Monitor and optimize water operations


Telog level sensor



SCADA Alternatives for remote monitoring


Data loggers provide cost effective system monitoring, alarming and SCADA backup