• Measuring impact of rain events

  • Sewer overflows (CSO/SSO) and regulatory compliance

  • Capturing reliable historical rainfall data for system planning

  • Increasing frequency and severity of weather events and flooding

  • Inflow and infiltration (I&I) in wastewater and stormwater systems


A Simple, Flexible Wireless Rainfall Monitoring Solution.  Trimble Unity software combined with Telog wireless, battery-powered rain gauge recording systems provide a GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for monitoring the output of any tipping bucket style rain gauge to provide a record of interval rain totals of any user defined length, e.g. 5 minutes, 15 minutes, etc. Telog rain gauge recorders can store data internally for many months, if required, and wirelessly transmit on a defined schedule or in response to alarms, providing a simple, flexible wireless rainfall monitoring solution for improving system planning, operations and response.


Wireless rainfall monitoring for improved water supply planning, operations and regulatory compliance

Improve asset performance
reduce leakage and pipeline failures
Monitor and optimize water
and site operations and compliance
Real-time situational awareness on
rainfall and weather related events


Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge



Automated Wireless Monitoring of Water Distribution Systems

Application solutions

City of Baltimore uses Telog recorders to monitor hundreds of sewer flow sites

How Blacksburg increased their wastewater collection system capacity