• Reducing the impact of overflow and flood events on public health

  • Minimizing environmental impacts caused by sewer overflows

  • Overflows and flooding due to extreme wet weather events

  • Monitoring and recording information around CSO/SSO events

  • Providing accurate data to meet regulatory requirements


Wireless Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Monitoring Solution Made Simple.  Trimble Unity software combined with Telog wireless, battery-powered recording systems monitor groundwater levels and wastewater and stormwater level and flow so utilities can take proactive measures to reduce inflow and infiltration into buried pipelines. Telog recorders provide a GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for monitoring groundwater level and I&I and are designed for use in harsh environments. Telog recorders can store data internally for many months and wirelessly transmit on a defined schedule or in response to alarms, providing a powerful solution for monitoring and reducing impacts of inflow and infiltration on wastewater and stormwater networks.


Reduce impacts of I&I, minimize overflows (CSOs/SSOs), improve capital planning and protect the environment

Streamline environmental and regulatory reporting
Reduce overflows and flooding incidents
Real-time situational awareness of operations and asset performance
Minimize environmental impacts caused by overflows and flooding


Pressure level (pictured here)



What an inflow and infiltration study revealed to the City of Greater Sudbury