• Flooding and overflows caused by rainfall and extreme weather events

  • Sewer and combined sewer overflows and flooding

  • Monitoring and recording information around CSO/SSO events

  • Reducing the impact of overflow and flood events on public health

  • Minimizing environmental impacts caused by sewer overflows

  • Providing accurate data to meet regulatory requirements

  • Capturing reliable historical data


Wireless Flap Gate CSO/SSO Monitoring and Reporting Made Simple. Trimble Unity software combined with Telog wireless, battery-powered recording telemetry unit (RTU) provide a GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for flap gate monitoring.  Telog’s RTUs are built to withstand harsh sewer environments and can accept the input of a switch closure that activates when a flap gate opens for recording outfalls from CSO/SSO overflow events. The event recording mode of the RTU will record the open/close time stamp to one second resolution. In addition to simple mechanical or proximity switches, the Telog RTU can support inclinometer switches mounted to the flap that will trip on small angular changes. Telog recorders can store data internally for many months, if required, and wirelessly transmit on a defined schedule or in response to alarms, delivering a powerful solution for managing and reducing CSOs/SSOs and flooding incidents.


Monitor and Reduce Overflows (CSOs/SSOs) and Flooding, Improving Asset Performance, Protecting Public Health and the Environment

Streamline environmental and regulatory reporting
Reduce response time to overflows and flooding incidents
Real-time situational awareness on wastewater and stormwater operations
Minimize CSOs/SSOs, flooding and environmental impacts


Recording Telemetry Unit (RTU)
Telog Ru-35



New management platform helps Louisville utility with environmental data integration