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Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring software, combined with Trimble Telog family of IoT wireless data recorders, offers water and wastewater municipalities and service providers the tools needed to proactively monitor asset performance, support optimizing water and wastewater operations, reduce asset failure and repair costs, improve customer service, and gather critical telemetry data for reporting, regulatory compliance and capital planning.

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Proactively monitor asset performance

Support optimizing water and wastewater operations

Reduce Costs
Reduce asset failure and operational costs

Data Reliability
Gather reliable data for reporting, regulatory compliance and capital planning

Customer Service
Improve customer service and response



Wide Range of Wireless Recorders and Sensors

Supporting a family of rugged, battery-powered Recording Telemetry Units (RTUs), sensors and data, providing customers with situational awareness of water and wastewater utility asset performance.



GIS and Web-based Remote Monitoring

Providing GIS and web based visualization, reporting and analysis tools and workflows, allowing utilities to view and manage remote monitoring sites, telemetry reports and analyze measurements collected via the Telog RTUs.


Empowering Field Crews

Extend real-time monitoring data to field crews using the Trimble Unity GIS based mobile software supported on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Empowering field technicians with the tools and data they need to quickly and efficiently analyze and respond to network events



RTU Configuration and Management

Use the Trimble Unity RTU Installer workflow to manage the installation of RTUs on new sites, and relocation of RTUs from one site to another.

Configure RTUs to automatically get data as often as you want and when you want with configurable data transfer intervals, and in response to configured alarms


Proactive Monitoring and Alarming

Quickly analyze and identify operational anomalies and alarming conditions that could result in infrastructure failure, environmental damage and regulatory penalties.



Insights to Asset Condition

Identify assets that are in poor condition, or ones that are likely to fail, through correlating telemetry data over a period of time with historic events and alarms, asset age and operational records. Then incorporate this information into network inspection and rehabilitation plans.


Mobile Work Management

Extend the use of the software by leveraging the full capabilities of the Trimble Unity Work Management module, offering GIS-centric field and office work management and dispatching capabilities to streamline field service operations, reduce event response times and gather authoritative field data for reporting and regulatory compliance.


System Health Dashboard

A remote monitoring system health dashboard providing operations staff with real-time insight into the availability and performance of the remote monitoring network and assets.


Ready for Enterprise Integration

Offering access to telemetry data via secured web APIs. Enabling integration with third party systems such as SCADA, Enterprise Asset Management and GIS.



Reduce IT Overhead

Pay a single subscription fee that bundles hosting, data management and communication fees.



Telog Recording Telemetry Unit(s) (RTU)
RTU's include 4G LTE and Bluetooth wireless communications and along with powerful features for monitoring
Telog Remote Monitoring



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