IoT Rain Gauge Monitoring/Alarming

The Telog RG-41 Rain Gauge Recorder establishes a new standard in low power, IoT communication sensors for monitoring and alarming remote rainfall volumes. It allows utilities and municipalities to monitor rainfall in their service areas and correlate it’s impact on their networks and/or watersheds and catchments.

Powered by a single user replaceable ‘C’ cell lithium battery, the Telog RG-41 continuously monitors the output of a tipping bucket rain gauge collecting rainfall data in user defined time  increments then transfers the data automatically over a LoRaWAN™ wireless network to a central host computer in the cloud or on the utility enterprise network.

To conserve battery power further, the Telog RG-41 may be configured to call the host server frequently when it is raining, (e.g. every 5 or 15 minutes, and less frequently when it is not raining; e.g. once every 4 hours; once/day).

Making data calls every 15 minutes, the recorder can operate an average of 5 years on one user replaceable ‘C’ cell Lithium battery. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership as the need to visit remote sites for frequent battery changes is removed.

The Telog RG-41 is compatible with all Telog software applications, including Telog DHS cloud hosted service, Telog Enterprise and Telogers for Windows application software. This ensures that utilities have a complete solution addressing all their remote monitoring needs across their operations, delivered in a manner that suits each individual utility’s operations and IT needs.

telog rg-41

telog rg-41

Telog RG-41 Applications:
Wireless Rainfall Monitoring

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Model: Telog RG-41
Type: Single channel level recorder with external sensor

-- Sample rate: 1 per second to 1 per 8 hours; user programmable
-- Clock accuracy: 0.01%
-- Memory size: 128 kbytes; 28,000 data values
-- Storage method: Wrap around (first-in; first-out)     

-- Sensor Interface: I²C serial protocol

-- Technology: LoRaWAN bi-directional class A protocol
-- Output Power: 18.5 dbm maximum
-- Frequency: 915 MHz (North America LoRa band)
-- Antenna: Integrated Antenna | External antenna optional

-- Factory installed single 3.6V Lithium ‘C’ cell, Saft LSH 14 or equal, user replaceable
-- Life: 5 years nominal @ 15 minute transmits @ medium to excellent signal strength

-- Size: 4.70”L x 3.2”W x 2.2”H
-- Weight: 1.5 lbs. (includes sensor + 15’ cable)
-- Material: Polycarbonate

-- Temperature: -40 to 160ºF
-- Rating: NEMA 4x (IP67) 

Support Software
-- Telog Online (Data Hosted Solution)
-- Telogers Enterprise
-- Telogers for Windows

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