Wireless Battery-Powered Pressure RTU with Impulse Monitoring Option


The Telog PR-32A and Telog PR-32iA are versatile instruments intended to monitor water system pressures or water levels (e.g. underground aquifers, surface reservoirs or water tower levels). When you combine the Telog PR-32A
series with a Trimble software option, you have a powerful system of wireless water infrastructure monitoring that is consistently delivering real-time data from the field straight to your desktop. Imagine.....all your data on one platform straight to your computer screen.

In addition to performing the measurement and recording functions of the Telog PR-32A, the impulse recording option feature of the Telog PR-32iA units stores the waveform of captured pressure transient waves detected on the monitored network. The Telog PR-32iA can store up to 125 events of variable duration that may occur over many months of on-site monitoring, recording up to a maximum of 2.5 minutes of transient data at 256 samples/second.

Wireless Communication
The power of every 32 series recorder from Trimble Telog is wireless data transfer capability. Using cellular technology enables unmanned monitoring of remote sites as well as instant updates and alarm notifications. The PR-32A/PR-32iA use a low power, LTE/Cat 1 cellular communication modem certified on Verizon Wireless.

Collecting Data
The Telog PR-32A/PR-32iA may be configured to call its host application on a schedule (e.g. once per day; every four hours, etc.) and/or in response to site alarm conditions (e.g. in response to a high level event). The recorder can sample the pressure sensor up to four times/second (Telog PR-32A) or up to 256 times/second (PR-32iA). Data may be stored in the recorder at user defined intervals (e.g. five minutes, one minute, etc.) without concern for data loss because the recorder will store up to 82,000 values, depending on input type, before overwriting the oldest data.

The cellular modem, antenna, process signal conditioning, data recorder and battery are in a small IP68 rated Nema 6P enclosure for a combined weight of 2.5 pounds and measuring 4”L x 4”W x 3”H [102mm L x 102mm W x 76mm H].

Battery Powered
The Trimble Telog PR-32A and Telog PR-32iA recorders use a user replaceable Telog BP-4 lithium battery pack. At one call per day the battery pack will last up to five years on a PR-32A RTU. The battery life with a PR-32iA depends on
the sampling resolution chosen in addition to the call schedule (see table below for examples ). With user configurable call and sampling rates, you get to choose the best configuration for your application.

Software Support
Trimble Telog wireless recorders are compatible with all Telog software applications, including Trimble Unity, Telog Online (cloud), Telog Enterprise and Telogers for Windows application software. This ensures that utilities have a
complete solution addressing all their remote monitoring requirements delivered in a manner that suits each individual utility’s operations and IT needs.



Model: Telog PR-32A and Telog PR-32iA

Type: Single channel pressure recorder

Resolution: 12 bits (0.025%)
Accuracy: ±0.075% of full scale at 73°F ±40 ppm/°F

Temperature range: 40°F to +149°F [4° to 65°C]
NOTE: For applications below this operating range please contact your Trimble Telog Support Team

Recording with PR-32 (no impulse option included)
Sample Rate: 4 per second to 1 per 8 hours; programmable
Clock Accuracy: 0.01%
Memory Size :31,000 data values
Storage Method: Wrap around (first-in; first-out)

Recording with PR-32i (with impulse option included and on)
Note: When using PR-32i which includes the impulse option, the normal mode specified above will operate whether the impulse mode is on or off.
Data Recorded: Normal mode interval data plus transient event waveforms
Transient Trigger: Pressure rate-of-change; either positive or negative; user configurable
Impulse Memory: Up to 100 transient events to a maximum of 37,000 samples after which new data will overwrite oldest data.

Local RS-232: 4 pin circular connector rated IP-67 Auto-selected baud rate to 19.2K
Cellular Internal: Telog WM2/L1 cellular modem LTE Category 1 certified Verizon Wireless

Factory installed, field replaceable Telog BP-4 lithium battery pack
Battery Life: Up to 2800 data calls to host computer
Examples: Call Frequency Sampling Frequency Battery Life
PR-32A 1/day 1/second 5 years
PR-32iA 1/day 4/second 5 years
PR-32iA 1/day 128/second 2 years
PR-32iA 1/day 256/second 1 year
(@ medium to excellent signal strength)

Size: 4”L x 4”W x 3”H [102mm L x 102mm W x 76mm H]
Weight: 2.5 lbs. [1.2Kg]
Weight: 2 lbs [.9 kg]
Material: Polycarbonate

Temperature: 40 to 158ºF [4° to 70°C]
Note: For applications below this operating range please contact your Trimble Telog support team.
Rating: NEMA 6P (IP68)

Support Software
S-3PC: Telogers for Windows® 6.51 or later
S-3EP: Telog® Enterprise 6.51 or later
DHS-Service: Telog Online
TW-UNITY: Trimble Unity



Strain gauge pressure sensor

Selectable 5,10,30,100,300 PSIG and 1000 PSI
Accuracy over the calibrated temperature range including zero and span setting and the effects of non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability 0.25% FS

Vented Polyurethane 0.225” diameter [5.715mm]

Pressure Over Range
2x full scale with negligible calibration change
4x containment pressure up to 2900psi max

Range: 25°F to 140°F [-3.8° to 60°C]
Temperature Effect: ±0.01%/°F (32 to 90°F)



Strain gauge pressure sensor

Selectable 200, 300, 500 PSIG
Non-linearity: ±0.15% of span; BFSL
Repeatability: ±0.03% of span; BFSL
Hysterisis: ±0.03% of span; BFSL

Vented Polyurethane 0.310” diameter [7.87mm]

Pressure Over Range
4x full scale with negligible calibration change
6x containment pressure up to 2900psi max

Range: 25°F to 140°F [-3.8° to 60°C]
Temperature: Effect ±0.01%/°F (32 to 90°F)

Pressure Fitting: 1/4” NPT female
Environmental: Submersible to NEMA 6P (IP-68)
Sensor Length: 4.5” [114mm]
Sensor Diameter (max): 1.0” [25.5mm]
Sensor Body Material: 316 stainless steel
Cable Weight: 0.027 lbs./ft

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