Water Distribution System Pressure Monitoring and Impulse Event Capture Capability

Telog’s LPR-31i line pressure impulse recorder monitors water pressure throughout a water distribution system and captures the waveform of water hammer and negative pressure transient events. In addition to performing the measurement and recording functions of the standard Telog LPR-31, the Telog LPR-31i stores the waveform of captured transients. The Telog LPR-31i can store up to 450 events of variable duration that may occur over many months of on-site monitoring.

The LPR-31i measures water pressure at user programmable rates up to 20 samples per second with internal pressure transducers. The recorder then computes any combination of the minimum, average and maximum values according to your selection of statistics and recording intervals. For example you can measure and store the maximum, minimum and average pressure at 5 minute intervals for more than 90 days.

In addition to trend data recording, the waveform of transient events ranging in duration from a few seconds to many minutes is stored in memory. The waveform of each transient may be viewed on Telog's host application software, Telogers for Windows. Data may be collected from the LPR-31i in the field by a portable PC or Telog's data transfer unit.


Telog LPR-31 applications include:

  • Water hammer event capture
  • Negative pressure event capture
  • Routine pressure monitoring
  • Pressure complaint investigations
  • High speed sampling to 20 s/s
  • User selectable event trigger setup
  • Long term on-site monitoring

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Model: Telog LPR-31i

-- Type: Strain gauge, isolated pressure sensor
-- Range (psi): 100, 200, 300 (contact Telog for other ranges)
-- Over pressure: 300, 600, 600
-- Burst pressure: 850, 1000, 1000
-- Resolution 0.025% of full scale, 12-bit
-- Accuracy: ±0.25% of full scale at constant temperature
-- Temperature effect: ±0.015% of full scale per ºF

Impulse Off (Normal Mode)
-- Sample rate: Programmable from 1/sec up to 8 hours
-- Data interval: Programmable from 1/sec up to 8 hours
-- Values saved: Selectable min, avg & max per interval
-- Memory: 128 Kbytes (~80,000 data values)

Impulse On
Note: Normal mode interval data also stored during impulse recording in separate memory.
-- Sample rate: Programmable from 20/sec to once every 8 hours
-- Data interval: Programmable from 1/sec up to 8 hours
-- Values saved: Selectable min, avg & max per interval
-- Memory: 128 Kbytes (~80,000 data values) interval data memory plus 250 impulse events

-- Type: RS-232 | 300 to 19.2 Kbaud
-- Connector: Circular 4 pin watertight

-- Type: Factory installed single AA Lithium | Saft LSH 14500 or equal
-- Life: Sample rate dependent: e.g. 5 years at 1 sample/sec; 18 months at 20 samples/sec

Environmental and Mechanical
-- Temperature:
     --- Operating 14 to 149ºF
     --- Storage -40 to 149ºF
-- Enclosure: NEMA 6/IP67 316 stainless steel
-- Pressure vent: 9.2 micron Gore-Tex filter
-- Size: 5.5" long x 1.75" diameter
-- Weight: 2.2 lbs

Support Software
-- Telogers for Windows
-- Telogers for Windows Lite

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