Water Distribution System Pressure Monitoring

The Telog LPR-31 line pressure recorder is intended for temporary or permanent installation on water or gas distribution system lines. The Teog LPR-31 continuously monitors and records line pressure using an internal strain gauge pressure sensor. Sample rates are user programmable up to 4 samples per second and data may be saved as the computed statistics at user programmable intervals from once per second to every 8 hours.

The LPR-31 can store 5 minute minimum, maximum and average values for over 90 days. Recorded data may be gathered via an RS-232 connector using a laptop with Telogs for Windows software.

The recorder is packaged within a 5.5" x 1.8", submersible stainless steel enclosure rated NEMA 6(IP-78). It employs a user replaceable AA lithium battery to power the recorder typically for 5 years. One end of the cylindrical recorder body provides a 1/4 FNTP fitting for the pressure connection and the other end provides a water tight connector for data extraction. The recorder electronics are not exposed during data collection.


telog lpr-31

telog lpr-31

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Model: Telog LPR-31
Type: Single channel pressure recorder

-- Sample rate: Programmable from 4/sec up to 8 hours
-- Data interval: Programmable from 1/sec up to 8 hours
-- Values saved: Selectable min, avg & max per interval
-- Memory: 128 Kbytes (~80,000 data values)

Pressure Connection    
-- Thread: 1/4”, NPT female
-- Compatibility: Liquid and gases compatible with 315 L SS

-- Type: Strain gauge, isolated pressure sensor
-- Range (psi): 100 200 300
-- Over Pressure (psi): 300 600 600
-- Burst Pressure (psi): 850 1000 1000
-- Resolution: 0.025% of full scale, 12-bit
-- Accuracy: ±0.25% of full scale at constant temperature
-- Temperature Effect: ±0.01% of full scale per º C

-- Type: RS-232; 300 to 19.2 Kbaud
-- Connector: Circular 4 pin watertight

-- Type: Single AA Lithium (Saft LS 14500 or equal)
-- Life: 5 years typical

-- Temperature range: -40º C to +65º C
-- Environmental: Submersible to NEMA 6 (IP-67)
-- Enclosure: 315 stainless steel
-- Pressure vent: 0.2 micron Gore-Tex filter
-- Size: 140 mm (5.5”) long x 45 mm (1.75”) diameter
-- Weight: 1 Kg (2.2 lbs)

Support Software
-- Telogers for Windows
-- Telogers for Windows Lite

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