Wireless Hydrant Pressure Impulse Monitoring

In addition to performing the measurement and recording functions of the standard Telog HPR-32 hydrant pressure recorder, the impulse recording option feature of the Telog HPR-32i units stores the waveform of captured pressure transients and water hammer events. The Telog HPR-32i can store up to 100 events of variable duration that may occur over many months of on-site monitoring, monitoring up to a maximum of 9 minutes of transient data at 32 samples/second.

The Telog HPR-32i recorder measures water pressure at user programmable rates up to 32 samples per second with an internal pressure transducer. The recorder then computes any combination of the minimum, average and maximum values according to your selection of statistics and recording intervals. For example you can measure and store the maximum, minimum and average pressure at 5 minute intervals for more than 90 days.

In addition to trend data recording, the waveform of transient events ranging in duration from a fraction of a second to many minutes is stored in memory. The waveform of each transient may be viewed on the Telog Cloud Solution, Telogers for Windows or Telog Enterprise software..

Telog hpr-32i

Telog hpr-32i

Telog HPR-32i applications include:

  • Investigating pressure complaints
  • Fire flow testing
  • Pressure loss tests
  • Calibrating hydraulic models
  • Monitoring system pressures
  • Hydrant capacity testing
  • High speed sampling to 32 samples/sec

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Impulse detection leads to mitigation of costly pressure events

White paper

Five of the most popular uses of the Telog HPR


Model: Telog HPR-32i
Type: Single Channel pulse/event recorder with wireless modem
-- Range (psi): 100, 200, 300 (contact Telog for other ranges)
-- Over pressure (psi): 300, 600, 600
-- Burst pressure (psi): 850, 1000, 1000        
-- Resolution: ±0.025% of full scale, 12-bit
-- Accuracy: ±0.25% of full scale at constant temperature        
-- Temperature effect: ±0.015% of full scale per ºF

-- Impulse Off (Normal Mode)
-- Sample rate: Programmable from 32/sec to once per 8 hours
-- Data Recorded: Selectable min, max and average pressure per interval
-- Interval Period: Programmable from 1 second to 8 hours
-- Memory: 128 Kbytes (~80,000 data values)

-- Impulse On: NOTE: Normal mode operates as specified above when impulse mode is on or off.
-- Data Recorded: Normal mode interval data plus transient even waveforms including pre and post transient event data, user configurable.
-- Transient Trigger: Pressure rate-of-change; either positive or negative; user configurable
-- Impulse Memory: Up to 100 transient event to a maximum of 37,000 samples after which new data will overwrite oldest data.

-- Local RS-232: 5 pin circular connector rated IP-67 Auto-selected baud rate to 19.2K
-- Cellular: Internal Telog WM/C embedded 1xRTT modem certified on Sprint & Verizon in USA WM/H HSPA modem certified on Bell in Canada Dual band internal antenna

-- Factory installed single 3.6V Lithium D cell, Saft LSH 20 or Equal
-- Life: 3800 data calls to host Computer
-- Examples: 5 years @ 2 calls/day, 2 years @ 5 calls/day. 1 year @ 10 calls/day (@ 5 second sampling or less)

Environmental and Mechanical
-- Temperature
     --- Operating: 14° to 149° F
     --- Storage: -40° to 149° F
-- Humidity: 0-100% relative humidity
-- Enclosure: NEMA 4x/IEC IP65
-- Size: 5” diameter x 3.5”
-- Thread*: Hydrant mount: 2.50” NHT standard. Contact Telog for non standard thread. Internal mount: 1/4” NPT

Support Software
-- DHS Cloud Hosted Solution
-- S-3PC: Telogers for Windows
-- S-3EP: Telogers Enterprise

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