Storms Module with Telog Enterprise Software

The Telog Enterprise Storms Module is available as an add-on module to your Telog Enterprise software. This module makes it easy to report on flow resulting from storm activity. You can now save time creating reports that analyze storm events by using this powerful module.

Easily Compare Wet Weather Periods with Dry Weather Periods. Telog Instruments’ Storms Module allows you to easily define storm periods using your rain data and flow resulting from those storm periods. You can also define dry periods to compare with storm event periods. Both Storm and Dry periods can be defined for up to a 7 day range (any 7 days, at any time). 

The Storms Module lets you define the storm period by using the graphical interface. This makes it easy to see the start and end time of a storm event. Create storm templates that show Rainfall Derived Infiltration and Inflow (RDII) as an area graph. The average flow and minimum and maximum flow measurements are displayed, along with times recorded for the minimum and maximum flow measurements. 



Telog’s Storms Module allows you to import your own IDF curves to use for storm classification. Apply various rain events to IDF curves. Storms can be displayed on a graph with the IDF curves and can be classified as 1,2, 5 year,  all the way to 1000 year storms.

Included with the Storms Module are two ready-made Crystal Reports: Storm Event Classification and RDII Storm Summary. The Storm Event Classification report shows IDF curves and rainfall graphics for storm classification along with tabular data. The RDII Storm Summary report will include measurements such as Total Rain, Peak Rain, Average Dry Flow, Average Storm Flow and Maximum Storm Flow. These reports can be setup to run automatically or on-demand and will give you quick access to important historical information. 

Telog’s Storms Module is an efficient tool that will allow you to create detailed reports and graphs of storm activity. The addition of this module to your Telog Enterprise software will give you a more complete software package to manage your data from one location.