The Trimble Water professional services team have successfully consulted, created strategy and implemented small, medium and large projects all over the world – we define success through our customer referrals and satisfaction.

We have a history of success across a broad range of projects; implemented complex multi system integrations in enterprise implementations developed mobile software extensions to meet specific needs blended hardware and software together to create unique solutions managed change and training to ensure project success developed a new radio antenna which doubled the gain of its predecessor making our customer more competitive and profitable integrated proprietary radio and antenna technology into mobile computing hardware to create unique solutions.

We relish the challenge of solving problems for our customers – our customers know that we make them more successful through results.


Business Process Definition/Re-engineering

At the heart of any successful business is the smooth and efficient operation of a streamline business process. Removal of redundant and unnecessary processes will both improve the efficiency; increase productivity as well as reducing costs. Trimble Water Professional services have skilled and experienced staff who have assisted in the creation; review and redefinition of business processes form key operational and engineering based organizations to achieve any strategic; business and divisional level objectives. Contact us to see how we can assist in improving your business processes.

Program/Project Management

Here at Trimble Professional services we pride ourselves in running successful projects that are delivered on time, within budget and with quality. This is achieved due to our professional and pragmatic approach to the management of any Programs or Projects that we are involved in. We advocate following a structured methodology; but any methodology should not restrict or reduce the ability to deliver success at speed.

Building a strong, reliable and transparent relationship with our customers is a must – having this will foster an open and honest environment under which project implementation success is assured. Trimble Water has a proven ability to deliver projects of any scale, size and scope – let us bring our experience and expertise to assist you.

Solution Engineering

Trimble Professional Services knowledge and experience extends well beyond the core Trimble products to other key enterprise systems, and how they can fit together to match the business value aims of any organization. As such we can assist by providing consultancy on providing a systems solution that is most appropriate to your utility, taking into account:

  • The business aims, and where you are trying to add value in the business process
  • The extent of legacy system integration versus new implementation solutions
  • Supportability of the overall solution

Custom Solution Development

While Off-The-Shelf (OTS) solutions always represent the best initial value for money, they almost always represent some level of compromise with respect to your ‘ideal’ business process. Trimble Professional Services understand this and are used to providing customized solutions that are as cost-effective as possible, which bridge the gaps in OTS functionality while minimizing any costly changes to core functionality.

High in our list of consideration when formulating a custom solution is the issue of supportability, as it is neither in the clients or our own business to provide a custom solution that is difficult and expensive to maintain.

Systems Integration

Trimble Professional Services understands that usually the most daunting component of any new procurement is integrating a new system with existing legacy systems or other new procured systems. As such we have a systems integration approach that tries to lead by common sense rather than baffle with the science of the latest integration ‘panacea’. While Trimble Professional Services has the knowledge, skills, and experience of using all the latest integration standards and technologies, our approach, as always, is to be focused on the customer’s functional requirement. As a consequence we will not force a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but will attempt to meet the integration requirement with the simplest solution commensurate with the integration requirements in terms of: Data throughput, timeliness of data, reliability and availability.

As always, our commitment to delivering a quality solution means we can recommend the appropriate levels of integration testing to iron out any problems before going live.

Field Data Collection

In addition to normal IT consultancy and solution provision, Trimble Professional Services can help you improve your baseline asset data via operational asset survey and data collection. This may involve traditional on the ground data collection using handheld devices - or we can leverage some of the novel techniques used in the wider Trimble family to survey wide geographic areas.

MS4 Data Collection and Consultancy

Trimble Professional Services can help you respond to EPAs NPDES permitting program for your MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System). We can help you achieve compliance across a number of fronts:

  • Auditing of your MS4 program, including Best Management Practices (BMPs), Minimum Control Measures 1-6
  • Consultancy on setting up and managing your stormwater management program
  • Design and implementation of your mobile data collection system for on-site inspections
  • Design and implementation of public engagement portals to allow dissemination of information and educational material, and to allow capture of incidents identified by the public.

Hardware Customization

If you have specific hardware requirements that are not met by standard OTS mobile devices from the Trimble portfolio then Trimble Professional Services can help you specify any required extensions to the overall hardware capability. Using our internal relationships within the Trimble group, Professional Services are then able to manage the implementation of the agreed hardware extensions.

Business Data Modelling /Business Intelligence

While new systems can sometimes be a necessity it is easy to lose sight of the fact that they are only a means to an end in terms of acquiring the data that will allow you to run your business more efficiently and derive more value from your business processes. Trimble Professional Services recognize this and can provide support in modelling the data available from all the various systems in your landscape, and providing recommendations on how to pull that data together to provide a coherent picture of how your business processes are performing, and where the bottlenecks are.

Regulatory Consultancy

Trimble Professional Services has experience of working in some of the most highly regulated water, wastewater, and stormwater regimes in the world. Therefore we can provide consultancy on how best to meet strict regulatory requirements with the minimum of extraneous data collection and reporting effort.

The idea is to build your data capture and analysis processes with the regulatory reporting as a key requirement of your corporate system of record. It is important to minimize additional data collection and aggregation from other stand-alone and frequently poorly maintained local ‘databases’. Trimble Professional Services can assist in the overall evaluation of your ‘reporting landscape’ and provide recommendations on the most efficient way forward to provide a ‘single version of the truth’.

Mobile Workforce Strategy

These days the pressure is on to ‘mobilize your workforce’. In some cases it seems as if all you have to do is put a mobile device or tablet in the hands of your crews and the business benefits will come flooding in! While it is true that Mobile Workforce Management (to use one of the common terms) can be a great technology enabler to unlock significant efficiencies, the size of those efficiencies can be seriously hampered by a poor implementation.

Trimble has been involved in a large number of mobile crew initiatives, either as a direct participant, or as a partner in the chain of systems which generate the work for/ consume the data from the field. As such Trimble Professional Services can offer a unique perspective in the approaches that have worked, the pitfalls to be avoided, and more generally the issues surrounding crew mobilization. As with other areas, Trimble Professional Services’ approach is to focus on the big picture of ‘what do want to achieve using this technology’ to ensure that the correct data is coming back from the field, is being stored in the correct systems, and is being used in the correct way to achieve the desired benefits.