Water utilities globally are facing challenges associated with climate change and aging water infrastructure. In addition, there’s pressure to limit leakage and non-revenue water (NRW) loss, which includes leakage of treated water from assets within drinking water systems. These leaks lead to increased operating expenses, an increased number of major pipeline bursts and the entry of foreign matter into pipelines, impacting water quality and public health. Ongoing leakage in pipelines further undermine the condition of aging assets and make a difficult situation worse.


Trimble’s NRW solution introduces innovative technology for enabling utilities to address these challenges. Combining advanced 4G LTE wireless IoT sensors and innovative cloud and mobile software, the comprehensive smart water solution helps reduce water loss and improve network visibility and operations through real-time leak detection and monitoring of water pressure, level and flow.

The Trimble NRW solution includes the Trimble® Unity NRW software application, the new Telog® 32 Advanced Series of 4G LTE Wireless Water Monitoring Devices and Trimble Wireless Leak Detection.



Reduce non-revenue water loss, property and enviromental damage and operating costs


Proactive Leak Monitoring and Repairs
By identifying leaks proactively, utilities can prevent water loss occurring from small underground leaks that may not yet be visible.

Reduce Bursts
Pinpointing and fixing high risk leaks early, utilities can reduce large pipeline bursts that result in large water losses and service interruptions. 

Minimize Collateral Damage
Reduced numbers of bursts and leaks minimzing collateral damage to the wider infrastructure (roads, homes, buildings), property and environment.

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Increase Efficiency
Lower the cost of leak repairs and increase effeciency through targeted dispatch and tracking of work and repair activities.



Telog 32 Advanced Series
RTU's include 4G LTE and Bluetooth wireless communications and along with powerful features for monitoring pressure, level, flow, PRVs, and water hammer events
Telog Remote Monitoring

Wireless Leak Detection
Enables utilities to proactively monitor leakage and pinpoint leak locations using highly sensitive acoustic sensors with cloud analytics and mobile software
Wireless Leak Monitoring and Detection
Mobile Leak Detection

Monitoring Software
 A comprehensive, scalable remote monitoring and data management system created specifically for water distribution and collection systems
Telog Enterprise (On-premise)


Application Software
The Trimble Unity NRW App provides utilities with office and mobile software for managing and reducing NRW through proactive leak detection, monitoring, field service and reporting
Trimble Unity


Insertion Flowmeter
Advanced Digital Insertion Flowmeter for Helping Water Utilities Identify Non-Revenue Water Hotspots
Telog IFM-32




Jerusalem Region Water & Wastewater Utility implementing their fixed water monitoring and leak detection solution

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