NOAA Module with Telog Enterprise Software

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) module can be purchased as an add-on to your Telog Enterprise Software.

The  NOAA module provides daily weather observations as well as current and historical tidal data through the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). Through this feature, you can retrieve this data and store it within the Enterprise database. You can then incorporate this information into reports to detect correlations between changes in their data and changes in the surrounding environment.

Though NOAA data is available to the public, this new module streamlines the entire process of retrieving the data. Instead of manually querying NOAA’s web server and storing the data, Telog Enterprise provides you with a complete list of stations and the measurements currently available for each station. Simply choose a station and the desired measurements, and Telog Enterprise will retrieve that data and store it automatically in your Telog Enterprise database. 

To display this information, the Telog module stores the metadata for each of the sites, including the station identification code, station name, site location, as well as the currently available measurements for each station. The location includes the state and county in which the station resides, as well as latitude and longitude coordinates when provided. This metadata can be automatically updated using a scheduled Telog Enterprise job. This means that instead of taking time to search through weather and tide data, you can let Enterprise do the work for you and have NOAA data readily available for any daily, weekly, or monthly timestamp you choose.

The module also provides the ability to select the date range of the data you want to retrieve. You will have the option of retrieving predetermined or custom date ranges or restrict the retrieval to new data only. This is done by determining the most recent data point in the Telog Enterprise database and retrieving any missing data between that data point and the current time. This allows you to create an automated job that will consistently retrieve up-to-date information while minimizing any missing data due to system downtime.

With all of this information in one location, Telog Enterprise makes it easier for you to make informed decisions based on the interaction of environmental conditions and your own systems. The ability to have up to date weather and tidal data on hand at any time will not only assist you in keeping your system running efficiently, but will also help you plan for the future. 


Features include:

  • Automatically retrieves and stores NOAA data for each site
  • Retrieve information from pre-determined or custom date ranges
  • Automatic job creation