Modem Technology Assurance Plan

Communications networks are undergoing rapid changes with the onset of new technologies that are enabling the rapid rise of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This has an impact on the availability of existing communications technologies as carriers reuse existing spectrum to roll out new offerings.

The Modem Technology Assurance Plan (MTAP) allows a customer to assure that a current Telog Recording Telemetry Unit (RTU) will work with future communications technologies. This ensures that an existing or newly purchased RTU can take advantage of both current widely deployed communications technologies and migrate towards newer technologies as they are rolled out by carriers and certified by Trimble.

Purchased for a specific RTU, the MTAP allows a customer the option to upgrade that RTU to a newer communications technology within three years of purchase of the MTAP.  For example, a customer could upgrade an existing RTU with 1xRTT modem to a LTE/1 modem to take advantage of the roll out of LTE by carriers currently under way.

The customer can exercise that option at any time within three years of the purchase of the MTAP. If they do not exercise it within that period, the option will expire. The option is not transferable to another RTU - it must be specifically purchased for each RTU being upgraded.

The MTAP may be purchased for new qualifying RTUs at time of purchase of the RTU and may also be purchased separately for existing qualifying RTUs. Qualifying RTUs are listed in the table below.

Product Line Model Description
RU-33 RU-33 All RU-33 variants are eligible for the MTAP.
RS-33 RS-3303
All variants of the RS system that currently have a cellular modem are eligible for the MTAP.
R-33 R-3303A
All variants of the R-33 product line that currently have a cellular modem are eligible for the MTAP.

 The capability is subject to the RTU being meeting the criteria to be upgradeable. See (). If you have already purchased an MTAP for your RTUs and wish to exercise the modem upgrade option, then please follow the process here.