Leakage of treated water from distribution networks is a major problem for Water Utilities. Aging assets, severe weather and water hammers result in a constant
battle to manage water loss. To address this challenge, Trimble Water offer a unique family of advanced leak detection capabilities as part of our Trimble Unity solutions.


The Mobile Leak Detection is an all in one, innovative mobile leak detection system. The solution brings the smartphone revolution to leak detection. It combines advanced acoustic detection principles with the power of cloud processing for accurate leak correlation and location. It provides leak detection and repair crews with the tools they need to accurately pinpoint and repair leaks enabling efficient leak detection investigations.



Quick and reliable leak detection and surveying results in an all in one mobile solution

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Cost Effective and Easy to Use
Avoid conventional mobile leak
detection equipment which is
expensive, hard to setup and use

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All In-one Leak Detection Solution
Offers all the equipment necessary for professional leak detection, including handheld sensors, ground sensor, listening stick, correlators, hydrophone sensors and software

High Reliability
Raises the bar compared with existing devices. Enables fast, accurate automatic leak surveying and mapping


Reduce Main Burst & Repair Costs.
When combined with the Wireless Leak Monitoring and Detection solution, detect, pinpoint and repair leaks as they appear before significant damage is caused


Get the Mobile Leak Detection Solution



LeakLocator Kit
Provides all of the equipment necessary to detect and locate leaks. The easy to use solution connects to any Android smartphone allowing for leak surveying, correlation and listening on a mobile platform. 


Trimble Unity LeakLocater
GIS cloud based software to manage, analyze, visualize leak alerts and prioritize repairsis an all in one, innovative mobile leak
detection system




Ultra sensitive microphone
vibration & sounds for

  • Clear sound “frequency shift” technique enables listening to plastic pipes
  • Provides graphic presentation of frequencies


One person operation

  • Automatic leak detection and location
  • Cloud based analysis
  • Enable GIS pipe data integration


One click operation

  • Automatic acoustic map generation
  • Each sample is represented by intensity number and color
  • Automatic filtering of background noise

Web Application

  • All measurements are updated and stored in real time on the web
  • An acoustic map of surveyed area highlights suspected leaks location



Jerusalem Region Water & Wastewater Utility implementing their fixed water monitoring and leak detection solution

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