Innovative wireless leak monitoring and detection solutions

Monitor & Manage Leaks on the Cloud

Simple to use web application to manage, analyze, visualize leak alerts and update their status

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Telog LDR-32

Fixed sensors for network monitoring, automatic leak detection and location by continuous correlation between all sensors’ couples

  • Cellular Communications – with advanced time synchronization
  • Plug and Play Technology – easy to install
  • Acoustic Sensors - installed over ground & underground (metal) 1,000 -1,600 feet between sensors
  • Hydrophonic Sensors - installed on (PE/PVC) pipes, 1,000 –1,300 feet between sensors
  • Large Diameter Pipes - monitored using hydrophones

See the Wireless Leak Monitoring and Detection



A highly sensitive mobile sensor for listening , leak survey & mobile correlation

  • Android application available on Google Play Store
  • Data is recorded and presented locally and analyzed on the server
  • Not only for experts, anyone can use it
  • Map based data presentation

See the Mobile Leak Detection



LeakLocator Kit

Leak Detection for the Smartphone Generation

The Trimble LeakLocator Kit provides all of the equipment necessary to detect and locate leaks. The easy to use solution connects to any Android smartphone allowing for leak surveying, correlation and listening on a mobile platform. Leak detection has never been easier.

See the Mobile Leak Detection