Mapping Option with Telog Enterprise Software

The mapping option combines the ease of use that users will be familiar with when it comes to online mapping programs with our powerful Telog Web Module software. Many things will seem familiar when it comes to setting up user accounts, defining system reports, and linking various types of data from Enterprise to the web. 

A zooming feature is present that gives users the power to zoom directly to street level or out as far as a global view.  This will be a powerful tool as users will be able to define the exact coordinates of a site using longitude and latitude and monitor the status of each site. We have included a color guide that lets users know immediately the status of each site. The colors are defined as follows:

  • Green – Normal     
  • Red – Alarmed     
  • Yellow – Late        
  • Orange – Low Battery     
  • Gray – Unknown

Different types of maps are available including Google Maps® (licensing may be required) and open source maps. In addition, we can implement users’ custom maps as long they conform to standard GIS formats (e.g. - WMS).



Mapping Module Screen Shot

GIS Module Video