GIS Module with Telog Enterprise Software

ESRI’s GIS server is an excellent tool for representing spatial data. Telog’s Enterprise server is an excellent tool for working with temporal data. Telog’s GIS module combines the power of both these tools in one location. The GIS Module is a key element of Telog’s new EIMS (Environmental Information Management System) suite of modules. This module is designed to link directly with the geo-data stored in a customer’s ESRI GIS server so users can view their Telog Enterprise sites located on their own maps.

This new module requires a connection to an ESRI GIS server (most Telog customers with an Enterprise license also have a license for an ESRI GIS server). The module works with both the Telog Web Module and the Telog Enterprise Client. It will also be available for Telog Data Hosting (DMS) customers as well as Enterprise licensees.

Here’s a typical scenario which will demonstrate some of the GIS module features. An ops supervisor receives an alarm message on their cell phone stating there was a dramatic pressure drop on a 24” main at 6th Ave near Elm St. Five more pressure alarms are quickly received (all the alarms were generated by Telog RTUs monitoring these sites). A quick check using the GIS module shows six sites glowing red. By selecting those sites and right clicking a new Enterprise group can be formed. By using the Zoom to group feature, the extent of GIS display is now limited to the boundaries of the six sites. From this view it’s clear that all the sites are on mains connected to the same 24” line; making it obvious that all the alarms were probably caused by one event rather than six separate problems. Once crews have been dispatched it’s then easy to monitor the status of all the sites during the repair with a quick scan of the GIS module.

This is just one simple example of using the GIS module and it describes only a small part of the module’s uses. The primary point to remember is that Telog’s GIS substantially extends the geo-data investment which most water authorities have already made, by combining it with Telog Enterprise’s powerful tool set. This combination gives users an exciting new level of analytic and presentation capabilities that wasn’t possible until now. 


Features include:

  • Visually correlate Telog RTU sites with pipes being monitored
  • Create spatial groupings on the fly
  • Live status information for Enterprise sites
  • Display geo-data and Enterprise site attributes
  • Automatic zoom to groups



GIS Module Screen Shots

GIS Module Video