• Inefficient water outage identification and management processes
  • Increased risk of water outages and events due to aging infrastructure and lack of information on network condition and performance
  • Inefficient field operations and limited access to key information required to quickly respond and mitigate water outages  

Trimble eRespond® web server bundled with Trimble Unity mobile app, supported on (iOS, Android and Windows) offer a complete and proven solution for identifying and managing planned and unplanned water outage, from the first customer call or telemetry alarms all the way through to the final regulatory report. Improving insight into what is happening on the network, shortening disruption duration and reducing the need for capital expenditure projects by responding more quickly and effectively.

The solution leverages the GIS network model with information about current ongoing network maintenance work and data from customer calls and telemetry systems (IoT, AMI, SCADA etc.), and uses algorithms to identify what events are happening and where they are occurring on the distribution network. The solution also identifies which disruptions are to be expected as a result of planned maintenance or extension work, it gives the user the information necessary to respond to customer enquiries and proactively notify customers of events which will impact them.

The Trimble Unity Integration Portal (TUIP) provides the technology to integrate with other applications offering “end to end” business processes - data from Operations Technology systems (IoT, SCADA, GIS) can be connected with the data from Information Technology systems (ERP, Asset Management, CRM) for joined up decision making and execution of business processes on a daily basis.



Reduce Incident Response Times, and Environmental Impact and Enhance Customer Service

Improved Response
Reduce response time to CSO/SSO and flooding incidents and improve field operations to quickly mitigate and restore service interruptions and environmental impact

Reduce Duplication
Minimizes duplication of work reducing the dispatching of multiple crews to what may turn out to be a single event

Customer Satisfaction
Improve customer communications and maintain exceptional service levels

Regulatory Compliance
Transform information into actionable intelligence and reports to support regulatory requirements



Trimble eRespond
(Web Server)

Trimble Unity


Trimble Unity Integration Portal

Trimble TDC100 Rugged Handheld Device