Crystal Reporting with Telog Enterprise Software

Several Telog customers have requested more advanced report generation for Telogers Enterprise. In response to this request, Enterprise v. 5 includes a runtime copy of Crystal Reports® application software. Telog Enterprise users are able to run Crystal Reports’ .rpt files natively from within the Telog Enterprise Client (TEC), whether the files are created by Telog or by users with their own copy of Crystal Reports®. When users create a new report, they can add it to the new Crystal Reports folder in the TEC. 

Existing Report Templates. Telogers Enterprise Software version 5.0 adds the Crystal Reports folder to the standard database view. This folder is where you can choose  one of our predetermined report templates, such as Site Daily Flow and Group Monthly Summary among others. These options give you the power to literally choose a report template, select the desired site, fill in pertinent information (time span, recording interval, etc.) and refresh the report to view. Creating reports can be just that easy. 

If you own the full version of Crystal Reports you are able to create custom reports to your specifications and import those reports into Enterprise. Contract Telog to create custom reports to use with your Crystal Reports program. Our experts will work with you to generate custom reports to the exact specifications you need. Custom reports from Telog can also be imported directly into Enterprise. This service will become extremely valuable as customers find the need to provide specialized reports to various stakeholders in a clean and  concise format.



  • Uploading reports as site documents in .pdf format
  • Saving a report as a .pdf on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Emailing reports to shareholders
  • Printing reports on a user defined timetable 



Elminiate Repeat Tasks

Jobs created in Telog Enterprise eliminates the need to repeat tasks

Simplified Reporting

Automatically generate reports to a designated group in a clean format

Flexible Templates

Use predefined or custom report templates to fulfill all your reporting requirements

Increase Productivity

The power of Telogers Enterprise combined with the functionality of Crystal Reports translates into saved time, ease of use, and ultimately increased productivity