• Inefficient paper and radio based dispatching and manual data entry processes
  • Inefficient field operations and limited access to information needed for quick decision making
  • Limited or unavailable mobile software for the enterprise back office systems
  • Limited or no GIS integration and map based workflow
  • Lack of field access to back-office asset management (EAM/CMMS) systems

Mobile Work Management for Field Crews Made Simple.  Trimble Unity software offers an efficient, simple-to-use and configurable GIS-centric mobile work management solution for utility field crews. Trimble Unity Integration Portal (TUIP) provides the technology to integrate and connect to industry leading enterprise asset and computerized maintenance management systems (EAM/CMMS) and customer service solutions (CIS/CRM), extending back-office enterprise data to the field, and streamlining the dispatching and management of field work activities. The solution enables field technicians using Trimble Unity mobile app (supported on iOS, Android and Windows) to spatially locate assets, manage their work assignments, get driving directions and optimized routes, complete jobs using intelligent data collection forms and workflows, take photos, record material, equipment and labor usage, and capture accurate GPS positions. Even if a wireless connection drops or if it's unavailable, field technicians can still access the GIS data, view and complete their work assignments.

Bundled with the Trimble TDC100 rugged handheld device or other supported smartphones and tablets and Trimble’s high accuracy GNSS receivers, field technicians can quickly locate buried assets and capture accurate 3D GPS positions to improve the accuracy of the GIS data.



Enhance Field Work Productivity, Safety and Improve Customer Service and Response


Streamline field dispatching and management of work assignments

Efficiently manage and dispatch work assignments through intelligent workflows powered by a single GIS-centric platform, eliminating paper forms and unnecessary trips to the office


Improve Field Operations

Streamline field operations, empowering field technicians with the information and tools to efficiently complete their work assignments

Improve and maintain exceptional service levels

Automated workflows and tools used to improve field operations, reducing response and service disruption time, improving customer communication and satisfaction


Leverage a single mobile solution for all field operations

Enable field crews to make quicker, better decisions with access to customer information and enterprise asset data using a single GIS-centric platform



Trimble Unity
(Cloud and mobile)


Trimble Unity Integration Portal (Optional to support integration with back office enterprise asset management systems)

Trimble TDC100 Rugged Handheld Device

Trimble R1 or R2 GNSS Receivers (Optional)


Case Studies

Orange County Sanitation District

Trimble Unity for Wastewater Manhole Asset Maintenance, Mapping and Inspection Implemented by Orange County Sanitation District

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Loudoun Water

Loudoun Water Digitizes Field Operations with SAP Mapping Software Integration

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