• Inefficient paper based meter installation and change-out processes

  • Lack of meter information including accurate location

  • Use of multiple hardware and software products during meter installation

  • Lack of ability to directly communicate with AMR/AMI meters


Field-Proven Smart Metering Technology Solutions. Trimble Unity software and Trimble rugged mobile devices offer efficient and configurable GIS-centric meter installation and change-out workflows.  Solutions allow utility operators using Trimble Unity web to plan, manage and dispatch meter installation jobs, while enabling field technicians using Trimble Unity mobile app on a mobile device (supported on iOS, Android and Windows) to spatially locate meter change-out or installation jobs, get driving directions and optimized routes, use intelligent installation, meter change-out and inspection forms and workflows, take photos, scan barcodes, record material, equipment and labor usage, and capture accurate GPS positions.  

Paired with a Trimble rugged mobile device such as the Trimble Ranger 3, Trimble Nomad, Trimble Juno or Trimble TDC100, the solution provides a complete technology offering for efficiently planning and performing all meter installation, reading and asset maintenance work in the field.



Streamline Smart Meter Installation, Deployment and Meter Asset Maintenance


Streamline Meter Installation and Change-Out Operations

Efficiently plan, manage and monitor meter installation jobs. Automate field installation operations through intelligent GIS-centric workflows 



Integrate AMI \ AMR

Use a Single Rugged Handheld Device with On-Board AMR and AMI Radios Eliminating the Need for Multiple Devices

Capture Accurate,
Up-to-Date Asset Data

Provide Authoritative Data to Keep Billing and GIS systems up-to-date


Improve Customer

Improve Meter Field Service and Customer Response



Trimble Unity
(Cloud and mobile)

Trimble TDC100, Nomad 900, Ranger 3 Rugged Handheld Devices

Trimble R1 or R2 GNSS Receivers (Optional)


Trimble Unity Integration Portal (Optional to support integration with back office systems)


Case study

The City of Sacramento

A Large, Rapid ROI for Smart Metering. Over the course of the five-year deployment project, the DOU estimates they will receive $1.6 million in total projected savings attributable to the Trimble Unity solution

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