Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington, TX has a population of more than 365,000, making it one of the 50 most populous cities in the United States. The City spreads across 100 square miles, and has two water treatment facilities that provide a combined 172.5 million gallons a day (MGD) of water to residents and businesses.



As part of the the City of Arlington’s water conservation program, Arlington Water Utility launched a pilot District Metering Program for early detection of leaks in its 100-year-old water system. By placing Trimble Wireless Leak Monitoring and Detection and Mobile Leak Detection solutions -- supplied by Aquarius Spectrum Ltd. as the result of an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement -- at the water entry point of a neighborhood or District Metering Area (DMA), managers compare the amount of water entering the neighborhood to the amount reaching each home or business.  If the water entering the DMA is not reaching customers, managers can pinpoint leaks and repair them quickly. As a result, Arlington Water Utility has already saved significant money and reduced its non-revenue water (NRW) losses.



The City of Arlington uses 10 Telog LDR-32 Leak Detection Recorders and the Trimble Unity LeakManager software solution (powered by Aquarius Spectrum) to investigate leaks throughout its system, and to get a clear and updated picture of the condition of pipes before a break. The City deploys the sensors on a “lift-and-shift” basis, leaving them in place for a period of time, and moving them to a new location once a leak has been detected and resolved.

In addition, Arlington deploys a Trimble Mobile Leak Detection unit, which allows water managers to identify and locate leaks in the field that have been identified by either Trimble Unity LeakManager, customer calls or utility field crews.  

Telog LDR-32 leak detection solutions have been installed in a pilot DMA in Arlington, covering 90,000 feet -- 17 miles -- of water mains. Upon the successful completion of the testing, the City hopes to increase the number of DMAs in the near future.

“It is our goal, to ensure that the all treated water makes its way to our customers’ homes and businesses,” Ric Owens, Arlington Water Utility’s leak detection expert said. “Through our District Metering Program and our use of Trimble leak detection solutions, the City of Arlington gets closer to that goal every day.”



Nearly $1 million in taxpayer savings

Wireless leak detection activities in the City of Arlington saved taxpayers $918,000 in annual costs for two leaks found draining into the storm drain system, and over a four year period the NRW losses have been reduced by more than 5 percent. Using the Trimble Wireless Leak Monitoring and Detection and Trimble Mobile Leak Detection solutions coupled with expanding its District Metering Program to as many  as 25 DMAs throughout the city, Arlington projects even more savings in the near future.