Trimble eRespond® Water

The industry standard for identifying, recording, managing, resolving and reporting incidents on clean water networks.

eRespond simplifies the end to end process of identifying, managing and reporting incidents and other issues on your water network and improves network performance. For most customers the ROI is less than 12 months.

The rising marginal cost of producing clean water together with increasing demand and higher expectations of reliability and quality of service leaves utilities facing an uphill challenge - managing aging networks with limited resources.

eRespond is a complete and proven solution for identifying and managing network incidents from the first customer call or telemetry alarm all the way through to the final regulatory report, improving insight into what is happening on the network, shortening incident duration and reducing the need for capital expenditure projects by responding more quickly and effectively - world class utilities use eRespond to perform better.

eRespond provides the information necessary to prioritize the work which needs to be done in response to unplanned incidents even in a very busy period. Without eRespond the amount of data involved in resolving network incidents during a major event can overload the decision making process and lead to mistakes with serious consequences for the utility and its customers.


What do world class utilities rely on eRespond for?

  • build a full model of the network from water source to individual customer account, it combines this model with information about current ongoing network maintenance work and data from customer calls and telemetry systems (AMI, SCADA etc.) and uses algorithms to identify what incidents are happening and where they are occurring on the distribution network.
  • identify which disruptions are to be expected as a result of planned maintenance or extension work. It gives the user the information necessary to respond to customer enquiries and proactively notify customers of incidents which will impact them.
  • minimize customer disruption by shortening disruption times thereby improving performance metrics for your utility and reducing water losses from incidents
  • improve customer communications regarding network incidents via outbound notifications, updating public website information, automatically putting messages on an IVR and communicating automatically to related third parties e.g. emergency services
  • provide transparency and complete situational awareness of all network incidents by filtering key data during busy periods, ensuring optimal prioritization and allocation of resources
  • optimize incident related metrics by providing configurable jeopardy management parameters to meet specified objectives
  • minimize duplication of work by understanding the impacts of an incident on the network and customers - reducing the dispatching of multiple crews to what may turn out to be a single incident
  • prioritize and manages the response to Special Needs and priority customers as special attention must be paid to the impact of incidents on their special needs. Ensure you have the information to respond to management and regulator queries and reports
  • dispatch crews to the right location on the network to complete remedial work and to generate reports which will form the basis of regulatory and / or management reports.

World Class water utilities deploy and integrate eRespond with other applications to enable end to end business processes... ensure that the data from Operations Technology systems (SCADA,GIS and eRespond) is connected with the data from Information Technology systems (ERP, Asset Management, CRM) for joined up decision making and execution of business processes on a daily basis. eRespond is certified for integration with esri, SAP and IBM Maximo.  We have extensive experience integrating the product with many other software systems.